You like flowers? Yes! How to Oil Paint FLOWERS

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Today oil painting in the open air. We will oil draw a beautiful summer flowers on canvas. It is full of oil painting lesson, which lasts 1 hour 20 minutes. During this time, we will answer the question: how to paint with oil.

And now, the preface to the creation of video art lesson:

After the release of my first lessons in painting, which was called: how to draw a painting of the flower, I noticed a lot of questions. And the question was about the same:

- Oil painting lessons

- How to paint flowers

- How to mix oil paints

- How to draw oil

- How to paint a painting

- Draw oil paintings - how? where to begin?


If there is such an interest in my lessons in painting with oil and palette knife, I believe we should continue to improve our skills in new oil painting lessons. That's the way he - a new class of oil painting, which is called: How to paint with oil - flowers in the open air.


I tried to make this lesson and palette knife oil painting for you as convenient and straightforward. I have a concrete example of how to show you a blank canvas ready to receive and complete an oil painting: Beautiful summer flowers.


So, meet new topic: How to oil paint flowers in open air - flower oil painting lessons!


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Enjoy your viewing of video:

How to oil paint flowers in open air - Full oil painting lessons!

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Art video lesson: How to Oil Paint FLOWERS!